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What is this tool?

Take any list of products and search that list. Retrieve actionable insights from Amazon and append that information to your list. Here’s an example: Assume you will look up this UPC: 086831006992 Ideally, you’d also identify your “Buy” price. After you submit this UPC to be queried, we lookup and append the relevant Amazon data to that item so you know the Sales Rank, Profitability, and other key indicators.

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What does it do and why is this important?

When you have this information available, you can make buying decisions quickly and easily. You know when items on a list are profitable. You can see whether a product should be FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) or MFN (Merchant Fulfilled). You can determine which items already in your own inventory are profitable to sell and which ones you should stop selling or no longer source.

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Who is it for?

Anyone can use the tool. While the majority of customers are 3P Sellers, we also have Brand Manager, Wholesale Distribution companies, OEM’s and more who have used the tools. Amazon 3rd Party Marketplace Sellers, Brand Owners and Managers, Distributors, and Other Vendors and Service Providers have all found great value and benefit from using the tool.

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Actionable Data. Delivered.

We’ve learned a lot from our clients over the past 6 years. You’ve searched over 13 MILLION searches!!!

We've Discovered:

  • They are many ways to use our software
  • Not everyone uses the tool in the same way
  • You're seeing 2.0... more powerful and flexible than ever
  • Discover best practices and new ideas in our FAQ/Training section

Oh yeah, it's that good.
See for yourself.

Why do we have a money back guarantee?
It’s the right thing to do.
Sometimes, customers want their money back.
We aim to provide value. When there is no risk, you win.

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We keep things EASY.

To borrow a phrase, even a caveman could do it. We aimed for simple, easy, flexible, FAST, and accurate. We think we hit all of those marks and more.

We've Discovered:

  • You can have multiple users.
  • You can easily train staff.
  • Have one team member gather lists, another run them, another sort them, and so on.
  • Use our filters to save even more time.
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Free! Start with 250 Credits. No credit card required.

Our goal was to develop a pricing model that is SUPER affordable and easy to understand. We started out with a credits system and our customers love it. There are no monthly requirements. You only pay for what you need.*

2,500 Credits


  • Only have a few small lists?
  • This is the right place to start.

10,000 Credits


  • Great level for your team
  • Only have a few small lists?
  • This is the right place to start.

100,000 Credits


  • Great level for your team
  • or if you have a number
  • of large lists to look up.

250,000 Credits


  • Amazing discount for those
  • who need to search multiple
  • market places. Only 60 cents
  • per thousand credits!

* If 12 months or more have passed since the purchase of your research credits, we are unable to offer a refund. Credits will automatically expire and become unavailable for use after 12 months from the date of issuance.